Edinburgh Marathon 2012

Edinburgh Marathon 2012

The city played host to the Edinburgh Marathon 2012 this weekend with over 23,000 people taking part from all over the Uk and across the world.

Yvonne - Monday 24th September 7:20am

Your item on Leith Waterworld. I watched the council meeting from my computer and to me it is clear it is about money and unless the bid comes up with the cash there is no way Waterworld is going to be re-opened. Going on about best value is a red herring. Best value in my opinion is giving the community the benefit of a facility such as Waterworld which has a knock on effect on businesses surrounding the pool. Just heard an item about Edinburgh Council doing all they can to help businesses at York Place because of the trams yet they are not helping businesses in Leith when there is such an obvious thing as opening Waterworld again. Leith has suffered badly through the trams York Place look and learn

Dylan McFern - Friday 15th June 9:50am

yay I made the cut... Great coverage leith tv

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