Bus Only

Bus Only

cars driving in bus only lane down leith walk.

Mickie Mindboggles - Saturday 9th February 7:42am

Frankie I agree I'm going to organise a million people rise up & march demo & write to the UN, world heritage site & Guantanamo bay to see if they're still taking terrorist drivers.

Frankie Frith - Tuesday 28th August 4:56pm

Personally I'd take all these drivers outside and have them shot. This is an outrage. How dare they do this. I honestly think the economic downturn, global warming, poverty, child illiteracy and the rise in violent and prolonged sexual assaults in Edinburgh are nothing when compared to these selfish drivers who clearly have no regard for the the inadequate signage and non existent buses shown in this video. I will personally be watching this video, recording the licence plate numbers, and demanding Leith Police do something about this otherwise I'll be taking the law into my own hands and strapping up with Leith's finest, Craig and Charlie Reid and writing a mild to strongly worded protest song that I hope will appear on Leith TV!

Mary Graham - Thursday 26th July 10:32am

Signage is perfectly clear I see drivers hesitating and turn anyway. It however has made Tolbooth Wynd even more busy. There is a continuous flow of traffic going round into Water Street and half proceed to Shore. It's become a giant roundabout.

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