Leith Custom Building

Leith Custom Building

A drive to encourage visitors to Leith has been promoted through Leith walking tours. The 90 minute tour which features sections of Leith, includes 200 year old Leith Custom House, which is a focal point of the tour. It is hoped that the neglected historic building can be restored and put to good use.

News Desk - Monday 13th August 3:50pm

Hi Robert, We do apologise there seems to have been a technical issue with the upload of this story, The complete and correct version with sound will replace this immediately. Please check back soon. Thanks for watching.

Robert - Monday 6th August 9:56am

This story (Leith Walking tours) sounds interesting, but there was no sound in the report and the shot is almost exclusively of the Commercial street sign from the Customs House itself. Couldn't make anything from it really, which I was sorry about.

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